I’m Grateful for Gratitude

Practising gratitude is something I dabbled in while on one of my previous depression ‘rollercoaster’ trips but I never really actively got into it. Honestly, I wish I did back then though, because, I seriously think it would’ve stopped me from going down several slippery slopes into numbness and helped to turn my life around.

I still have written on my mirror “write down three things you are grateful for, every day”, from back then. But, once I got used to it being on my mirror, I stopped noticing it. Maybe all up I wrote down three things like five times! That’s definitely not enough to impact me or my outlook in any way. I’m sitting here reflecting on this thinking, it’s no wonder I got to this point in my life.

Anyway, since my most recent suicide attempt and a somewhat murky couple of weeks of numbness and emptiness, I’ve spent days and days trawling the internet for ways to help myself. There has always been one repeating theme, that damn gratitude! Again, like the whole self-love thing, I jumped into a huge search on gratitude and the findings were incredible. It helps holistically with both our mental and physical health, so to me it’s a no-brainer.

That was enough for me, I decided gratitude was damn important and important enough for me to invest in a gratitude journal. Previously, telling myself to write down three things was all well and good, but I only had a standard blank journal and without prompts, it was incredibly hard to remember to include my gratitude practise.

I spent two whole days looking for the perfect gratitude journal for me and I finally found it. It’s an Adult Gratitude Journal by Awesome Inc. and I bloody love it! It’s created and designed by a pair of New Zealanders which made me want it even more, to support my country(wo)men. It has enough space to write plenty of things I’m grateful for each day as well as space to write a positive self affirmation. It also has a happiness scale to fill in and is filled with actually decent quotes, as well as a few colouring pages.

I actually look forward to filling out the page each night, and much to my surprise, I actually find it quite easy to think of things that I’m grateful for. I honestly cannot believe the change it’s made for me. They say you should practise it for 100 days, but it’s only been a few days ans I can already notice myself searching for the good all throughout the day. Bring on day 100!

I am 100% positive that practising gratitude in combination with self-love is going to change me for the better, for good. I’m going to fill out my journal right now.

Be grateful.


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